Innovative cooling systems

Computer cooling systems are parts of nearly everyone's daily lives. Despite years of development and technical progress, they are not yet a fully explored area. We know how much they can still be improved without waiting for breakthroughs in material science or other industries. Attention to detail, meticulous design, tailoring the solution to very specific requirements instead of using off-the-shelf common components – all of this can elevate the cooling of computing machinery to a new level.



We rethink the cooling of computers

What do we do?

Synergy Cooling aims to provide the PC enthusiast community with new, yet unimplemented cooling solutions. Our founder’s passion and imagination allowed us to identify a number of techniques sometimes used in other areas of industry and engineering that can be benefitial to cooling of computing equipment. We intend to share them with our design partners and licensees.

We offer services in design, analysis, consulting, prototyping and validation. Our methods have been succesfully applied to CPU coolers and computer fans, and we are in progress of extending them to computer cases, video cards and accelerators.


Current and upcoming Synergy Cooling solutions

Video card cooler

Prototype video card cooling system shows how the current industry standard performance can be improved with standard tools and materials.

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SilentiumPC Fera 5

CPU air cooler developed in partnership with SilentiumPC. Leading performance among compact tower-class coolers achieved thanks to our design methods.

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Fluctus 120 PWM fan

Low noise fan, tailored for high performance when installed on restrictive heatsinks and radiators. Unique fan blades improve acoustic performance.

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SilentiumPC Fortis 5

Fortis 5 raises the bar for single tower CPU coolers. Its uniquely balanced features and a 140 mm wide fan, based on the acclaimed Fluctus series, provide top performance and excellent acoustic properties.

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