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SilentiumPC Fluctus 120 PWM

Fluctus 120 PWM works best on dense heatsinks and water cooling radiators, where airflow is restricted. Uniquely profiled fan blades create high static pressure. New high endurance bearing ensures smooth, low noise operation with 100 000 h MTBF.

Serrated leading edges of fan blades contribute to noise reduction and are at the heart of our patent-pending psychoacoustic optimization. They reduce prominent tonal noises and make the fan more pleasant to human ear than is apparent by comparing total acoustic pressure.

Rotational speed of Fluctus 120 PWM fans can be adjusted from 300 (±100) to 1800 (±10%) rpm, giving enthustiasts wide flexibility in tailoring Fera 5’s performance to their needs. Thanks to a fan stop feature it’s possible to create a custom semi-passive mode.

Thanks to noise reduction in critical frequency bands Fluctus 120 PWM is even quieter than total noise level measurements make it seem.



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