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SilentiumPC Fera 5

Fera 5 is a new SilentiumPC CPU cooler implementing Synergy Cooling technology. It’s an all-new, asymmetrical heatsink with densely packed fins, optimized heatsink base and four direct-touch heatpipes, combined with new Fluctus 120 PWM fan with improved bearing and excellent acoustics. Fera 5 series coolers are covered by 6-year manufacturer warranty.

Fera 5 and Fera 5 Dual Fan are first two models of a new generation of SilentiumPC cooling systems. They are equipped with high performance, silent Fluctus 120 PWM fans. Both are based on a dense asymmetrical aluminium fin stack with four copper heatpipes directly touching the CPU. Thanks to direct touch technology, heat can be quickly moved to 56 uniquely profiled fins, forming an air tunnel. Fera 5 heatsink is asymmetrical and optimized to work best with one airflow direction. This results in lower CPU temperatures and better acoustic performance. Thanks to its compact dimensions, Fera 5 does not overhang RAM slots on modern desktop platforms and is compatible with any height of RAM modules.



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